Stream Games Deluxe

Stream Games Deluxe can be purchased HERE ON STEAM

Stream Games Deluxe is a viewer interactive stream game. Once you start the game and connect to twitch in game your viewers will be able to join all the mini games by typing a command in chat.

Games available :

Runner. Viewers enter the game by typing in a pre set command (default !join) as this will add them a character into the game with their name above it. The host starts the race once players join. Once started the game is completely AI controlled and it 100% random. There are obstacles and dangers along the path so can make for some very fun games. At the end the top 3 are shown on a podium. There are commands in game like !dance <playernameingame> to make players stop and dance slowing them down, these can be set to use channel points, bits or just for free.


Splinko is a game similar to plinko, at the start of the game players can add a ball into the machine by typing the set join command and when the host is ready they start the game. The game is entirely physics based and is 100% random. There are 3 small win boxes and obstacles along the way. A wall mounted scoreboard shows winners and losers. A great game for giveaways due to low win nature. All this is set within a nightclub background including DJ with some pumping music playing!


A keen favourite, viewers join using the set join command ad it adds a player in the game, once the host starts the game the in game players will randomly pick a square to stand on, over time squares are randomly dropped, gradually speeding up and more dropping at once. This is until one player is left. The winners name is show in a big floating banner.

Zed attack (Coming Soon)

In zed attack viewers join the game using the set join command, this puts them into a small protective sand bag circle. Once the game starts zombies slowly move towards all the players picking them at random to attack, the players fire guns at the zombies in the bid to kill the wave and move on. Upgrades will be available using earnt in game points for kills, the viewers will be able to type in !balance to check their balance and then !shop for items. As waves progress players move to different locations and encounter faster and stronger zombies.

Jumper (Coming Soon)

Jumper is a car jumping game where the aim is to land on the highest score. Players enter by typing the set join command. Once the hosts starts the game the viewers have 10 seconds to type !boost and then the amount of boost between 50-650. i.e. !boost 500 would give a 500 boost. There are 3 different end platforms ranging from points to a moving bucket to aim for. A fun little racer.

We also have more games planned for the near future and aim to have 9 games in total to play and include an online leaderboard.